Test, Transform, Refactor


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Thanks you for a thought-provoking talk. I've "adjudicated" a coding test - similar to you kata example - and have observed the phenomena you describe: people that did well were able to "transform" their code.

Great talk, very thought provoking and entertaining.

Good talk by a confident speaker

Anonymous at 19:25 on 22 Feb 2014

Good talk. Interesting and amusing. Would have been nice to see some "bigger" real/worl TDD examples.

Very nice points in there about transformation and Marcello is always an engaging and entertaining speaker. I thought there were a few too many concepts being introduced in parallel (deliberate practice, phpspec, TDD flow, TPP) and it could benefit from cleaner separation between these.

Practicing the Zen of good programming

There was lots of good content in the talk, and it was well delivered, the live and prepared examples were helpful and clear. But I (still) feel perplexed by it: I'm not sure what the overall messages were. Were you recommending kata and koan? Or one first then the other? 'Learn design' first is fine, except I'm not sure when you get to that point - surely you're always learning design? I suppose my problem with the talk (and perhaps this is an unfair criticism) is that I'm not clear what I should do next. Should I learn more design things? Should I start doing katas? Or koans?

Interesting and engaging talk which was very well presented with some great funny moments. As a talk on deliberate practise and attitude to adopt in order to further your skills I think it was 5 star. However I feel there was quite a lot of focus on the transform priority premise yet probably didn't cover it enough for people who aren't aware of it to really understand what it was about. Also it only mentioned 4 transformations but there are more than 10 and in order to make the most of it I think you need to be at least aware this more of the transformations exist so you can look them up.

Great talk. I have the luxury of having heard most of it (Deliberate practice, Katas, Koans, phpspec) before, yet I still brought home Transformations and Learn Design First. Marcello is a great speaker delivering very persuasive talks as usual.