Vagrant Provisioners in a Nutshell


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Anonymous at 20:29 on 22 Feb 2014

Great overview of that's around in vagrant provision world. But there was one fact I was missing, people should use the same provisioner that the live env is using. And not what they would just like more, otherwise it wouldn't even solve the 'works on my machine' thing. Cool slide design btw!

Very well done Erika. I enjoyed your talk immensely and am looking forward to using Vagrant!

Very good talk, ideal for beginners, some good tips about common mistakes and very good comparison between different provisioners. Definitely need to start playing around with Ansible!

On top of that, I must say that the design of the slides was awesome!

A well presented guide to the basics of Vagrant and the main provisioners that was engaging and entertaining. I would've preferred a bit more on the differences between the three provisioners that were covered and a bit less time spent on Vagrant itself, but then the talk was aimed as more of an introduction than a comprehensive overview.

Excellent overview of the three main provisioners for vagrant. Nice balance of content/depth and time.

I enjoyed the talk and learned a lot, my only minor complaint was that it was a touch light on content - there was time to go into a little more depth (maybe an example of the same installer script for each provisioner?)