Web Security and You


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Anonymous at 15:11 on 22 Feb 2014

Anonymous at 15:12 on 22 Feb 2014

By far the best presentation I've seen on the subject. Interesting, actionable and pitched at just the right level.

Great talk! Very inreresting and well explained.

I luckily attended two of Elis presentations, it was spot on for me. A truly knowledgeable speaker with a great sense of humour. Please bring him to London next year, I would like my colleagues to get a chance to listen to him.

Anonymous at 17:29 on 23 Feb 2014

Solid talk, great speaker, on topic, everything laid out in details.

This talk I found really good. Whilst some of the content I already knew, some I didn't so I walked away feeling much more confident about my approach to security. That, topped with the examples from practical experience made it a solid talk.

While there was little new here for me, it's always wise to get a refresher in web vulnerabilities, and as usual Eli delivered a concise and entertaining talk.

Anonymous at 12:35 on 25 Mar 2014