Wield AngularJS like a Pro


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I went in not really knowing much about AngularJS so this was pitched slightly above my level of knowledge, but I found plenty to take away. As a Dojo user it was interesting to see the different approach to some similar processes, without them being directly comparable libraries. The speaker was very engaging and confident making for an entertaining and informative talk.

Anonymous at 21:03 on 22 Feb 2014

As a JavaScript developer attending a PHP conference, I was pleasantly surprised to see this talk on the schedule. Angular is on my list of "things to learn" so this was a must attend session for me. I was expecting a gentle introduction to Angular; this wasn't that.

I agreed with many of the opening sentiments, but feel that the majority of attendees of a PHP conference would lack the required experience to take much away from this talk.

Echoing some of the comments on here, I think this would be great talk if you knew a little about AngularJS to begin with. I went to this not 100% sure what Angular even was. I couldn't really relate to it either, which made it difficult to take much away.

That said, Nate was a great speaker, and clearly understood the subject. Maybe my bad for choosing this talk.

Anonymous at 15:41 on 24 Feb 2014

Having just done a small project using AngularJS I went in with a bit of knowledge. Nate spoke well and entertaining opening to the talk. There were times where some things were over my head but i guess if you are a newbie at Angular, its something that is best demonstrated in a workshop, tutorial type of presentation. However there was a few demos towards the end which showed the power of how easy it is to create something, and Im looking for the slides as there was a link to something which I think I will find useful for the future.

Its hard to remember everything off the top of my head, but I remember the beginning being good, drifted a bit in the middle, then picked up good towards the end again. The resources provided should be handy once I get my grubby hands on them :D

All, thanks for the great feedback, it is much appreciated.

To anyone who was expecting a lower-level introduction, for your own sake and the sake of future speakers whose talks you attend, I can only suggest that you pay closer attention to the talk abstract instead of just the title. In this case, it was made explicitly clear that some familiarity with Angular would be expected.

I'll certainly consider expanding the earlier parts of the talk to accommodate people who are completely unfamiliar with it, though.