Accessibility done right


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Liam Wiltshire at 14:02 on 19 Feb 2015

Really interesting, has inspired me to go back and take another look at sites I've built. Was a little short, but good nevertheless.

Very good talk presented in a clear and very straight to the point way. Made me think of my own sites and how accessible it is

Mark Bradley at 16:59 on 19 Feb 2015

Very good talk. interesting introduction to a vast topic.

A valuable overview, I would've loved some more visual and code examples to jazz the slides up. E.g. Good / bad colour contrasts, examples of colour blindness simulators, a form before and after aria markup.

Enjoyed the talk, especially the "Design for universal access" and the mentions of usage of plain english.

Anonymous at 17:49 on 20 Feb 2015

A lot of things missing, really. Limited discussion of aria, tabindex, actual screen readers, design techniques to facilitate non screen reading accessibility tools, etc.

Good talk, lots of tips that I can easily implement on my own site. I'll put more thought into accessibility in the future.

For this type of event, I expected the level of the talk to be a bit higher and to dig deeper into accessibility issues. Nothing new really. Also, the speaker was difficult to understand.

Michelle seemed quite nervous, but needn't have been as the content was good and her delivery was enthusiastic and fun.

Unfortunately the delivery of this session was a very nervous one. It was a shame because the presenter was obviously passionate about what she was presenting.

The slides were incredibly vague, had Michelle not been so nervous she may have been able to elaborate on the content. As there was no elaboration the talk was a very short one.

In terms of content, there could have been some mention as to how a PHP developer should reconsider some aspects of their workflow to improve accessibility.

I would love to give this talk more than one thumb but unfortunately the combination of all factors discussed it was a one thumb talk!

There was a lot of valuable information and sensible advice from Michelle - I genuinely learned a few new things about accessibility such as WAI-ARIA, and it's clear that Michelle is passionate about the topic.

Talk raised some excellent points. I'd never considered the problems with captchas before. However I would have liked to see some more concrete examples (maybe code?).

This talk provided some interesting insights into the experience of sight impaired users. The points and topics which Michelle covered we really great and provided a good overall summary of accessibility. However, the talk did however seem to be fairly short - I think it would've been greatly improved if this additional time had been used to go into more technical depth.

Whilst shorter than expected, the content of the talk was definitely well put together, and well communicated. It served as a timely reminder of just how many people do have some form or either an impairment or a difficulty, and that, as a consequence, we need to ensure we do what we can to accommodate them, as well as what we can do when developing.