Bring your PHP application to the next level with React.JS


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Fantastic! Such a great set of tools and techniques to use better design to enable using react.js with a php. I took away a lot from it.

Really well presented and insightful presentation. Despite the complex content it was very easy to follow and understand. My favourite talk of the day!

As someone who had not heard of react.js before this talk didn't have enough introduction, was overcomplicated and seemed to be more about PHP than JS. I left after about 15 minutes.

@David thank you for taking the time to write down the feedback and I'm sorry to hear that the presentation did not meet your expectations.
It was never my intention to "just" give an introduction talk on React.js, since I am a firm believer that most people get way more out of talks when you talk about bigger concepts, problems you encountered using a technology and possible solutions than out of talks that do not much more than read out the documentation and give you hello world examples. So the talk was always meant to be about web application architecture and what the reusable component based approach of React means for PHP. I also tried to convey this in both title and abstract but apparently could have done better. Judging by the feedback here, on Twitter and in person a lot of people enjoyed though, so I guess my take on the subject was still very interesting for a lot of people, but I'll definitely work on phrasing title and abstract clearer and refining the introduction part.

I found this very engaging, it was definitely complex, but I picked up enough to make me think about using these ideas myself.

Even though after the talk I've decided that the described technique is completely not for me (doesn't suit my workflow), the presentation was good, speaker explained the design choices and all the advantages.

Very interesting talk, but there was one link I missed.
If I got it right react.js components are rendered to HTML on server side, but how does it behave on the client side. Is the HTML still managed by the javascript? especially related to state changes and events.
if not how do you go about to make them functional?

I see some nice potential in this way of working even when you only use small components here and there with ESI to just load the component in this way in existing webpages.

Came to this to see the competition, seeing as I was doing a Angular.JS talk the next day. Found it a really interesting explanation into React. I did feel the PHP bit was a little confusing.

Anonymous at 13:54 on 20 Feb 2015

It was like I saw this talk last year or so... Only without React.js

A bit bewildering/intimidating from my point of view, but I do really like a talk that shows off the technologies that the speaker is embracing and investing in. To someone else in the audience React.js will probably be exactly the silver bullet they were looking for.

Interesting case study. Good speaker and delivery.

Fantastic talk, due to the complex nature of the subject I felt the talk would have been better if a longer time slow was available to explain the various concepts at a less fast pace.

Really well presented and very engaging, maybe a tool I will invest time in to learn more about.

Was really excited about this talk but struggled a little bit with the pace. There seemed to be a lot of information to take in which I struggled to cope with at first. The content was good though and it's a talk I'll be re-watching once the videos are out to make sure I got it all.

Very interesting concept, well delivered, but next time I'd like to see an "end to end" example.

Right now I see the point, I get most of the concepts, but there's still a small gap. This "end to end" example will definitely close that gap.

Well done!

Interesting, but hard to get my teeth into. It would have been nice to see some live examples rather than just the concepts, so that we could see the benefits of it.

I was a bit disappointed with this talk because I was expecting more focus on pros and cons of using ReactJS and valid/invalid uses cases for it. Instead I found it too focused on implementation details and examples. Then again, this is my personal taste when attending a talk about something I haven't used before...