RESTful APIs with Laravel 5's Doc Block Controller Annotations


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For me this particular time slot did not offer a talk of interest to me. I choose to go to this talk as I thought I may have got some insight into Larvel as a product. I felt this talk was however an extremely niche topic and therefore little value to me.

I personally am not a fan of annotations used in this fashion. I was glad that the speaker was open to discussing the disadvantages of this approach.

Overall the structure of the talk had a good flow and was well delivered. It just wasn't for me.

Very informative and well delivered.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 20 Feb 2015

Interesting talk, well delivered. Disappointed with Stewart's rating as it only criticizes his own thought process, not the talk.

Good talk in general

+ unopinionated balance of the pros and cons of using these annotations for routing.
+ good touching on using routing annotiations in local env and setting things up for production

- maybe the event stuff was over complicating the talk in general. That could be a talk on itself.
- some small nervous steps back and forth on stage

Glad I was in your session :-)

Ended up in this talk due to other rooms being over crowded. Don't use laravel but found the concepts interesting.

I've been using Laravel lately so had high hopes that this would be useful to me, but I came away with no sense that annotations would be a better way of building an API than Laravel's traditional approach. Not necessarily a bad thing to see someone telling us "this is how I do things", but when I can only see a few precious slots at a conference, I'd rather have someone blowing my mind and showing me something I'd be a fool *not* to be doing!

This was the talk I was most looking forward to, as both a fan of annotations (come at me bro) and user of Laravel, but I left very disappointed.

For a talk with such a specific title, I thought the speaker would have assumed a level of knowledge in the audience - however he spent the majority of the talk explaining what annotations were.

This seems to be reflective of a culture at conferences where speakers are afraid to have anybody in the room the room left behind. It's very frustrating.

The talk was good, however I've used annotation before and this limited its usefulness. That said it did show me some of the features within Laravel 5 and I plan to look into this framework shortly.

Interesting idea, but sounded increasingly like a conceptual idea rather than something we should all be using right now, and from the Q&A at the end it was apparent that there are potentially some fundamental disadvantages to to the approach that still need to be worked through before it's viable.

Presentation style not authoritative, but it was clear.