Continuously delivering PHP projects


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Very good talk.

A lot of discussion of technologies used, techniques used and advice to get continuous delivery going at your company.

The speaker was great, well delivered, but really sorry for the 2 stars but it sounded like it should be more than an introduction to CI/CD; I think a lot of people around me felt similar and were after more advanced detail/examples/implementation.

Perhaps the conference should indicate the level of the talk in future.

Good basic introduction to continuous delivery. Javier delivered the talk really well. Agree with previous commenter, I'd have liked to hear a more advanced talk on this subject.

Anonymous at 16:51 on 19 Feb 2015

Personally I found this talk to be perfectly pitched as an introduction to CD. Well delivered and with just the right amount of detail.

Liam Wiltshire at 16:52 on 19 Feb 2015

Really interesting to see how those guys do CI/CD. Some bits I already knew, but few new wrinkles that are interesting to know.

A very good talk. He described how him and his team at Time Out 'did' CD in an engaging and informative manner and that's all the description above said he would do. It's certainly inspired me to look into it - although I suspect it's not a suitable mechanism for every project.

Well delivered talk. However, I agree with James that it was a rather basic introduction to CI.
I was hoping for more in-depth stuff.
Agree that an indication of target level in the programme would be good.

Great talk, although his complete dismissal of feature toggles surprised me!

To me, the big merit of this talk is the fact that all this was done in a very large organisation, totally changing the way they were releasing to production. And it is a real story, not some random theory like some other talks about this topic.

Well delivered, solid speaker

A great talk with practical knowledge and information to back up and illustrate the real life implementation of CD.

Really informative and educational talk.

Well presented too.

A decent introduction to a topic I think most we're already fairly familiar with. Something more advanced would have been appreciated. Next time?

Old topic proposed again,
I didn't payed the ticket for seeing same thing.

Great talk, I found it really useful.

Very interesting talk - I always like ones that are from professional experience.

Anonymous at 22:37 on 21 Feb 2015

This did seem a bit basic to me - I was expecting there would be something special/unique about the Time Out set up that warranted a talk.

The blurb mentioned that it was going to cover, quote "peculiarities for PHP and Symfony2 projects", but it didn't?

It's always interesting to compare your own process to that of other other companies, and seeing which bits you can adapt towards.

A few commenters have mentioned that nothing new was offered by this talk, and while I wouldn't say I learned I wasn't already aware of, it did not affect my enjoyment of the talk

Good talk, it confirmed the techniques we are currently using. I did get a little bit lost at 1 point as so much was detail was skimmed over. Maybe more detail in future?

A lot of technologies discussed but none in any real detail, its a good jumping off point for further investigation but I feel that more visual display of when the tools like Jenkins and phing complete tasks and when they work together in the process.

Basically more pictures with arrows :)


Interesting presentation - great to hear of a 'real world' implementation