Database Wizardry for Legacy Applications


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Anonymous at 13:06 on 20 Feb 2015

There were some good ideas presented in this talk which I found relevant to my work. I had not thought of dumping my data in a noSQL data store in order to circumvent table locking. I saw the word "Legacy" in the talk title and formed an expectation that I would hear something about migration away from mainframes, however this was not the case.

Anonymous at 13:37 on 20 Feb 2015

You did very well at bringing such a difficult topic. I'm not very experienced with NoSQL but your talk was very clear on explaining some of the core concepts and you gave some good use-cases from your own personal experiences. I'll have to dive further into NoSQL to see if I can put it to good use in one of my projects.

Tech issues aside, this was a great talk. I don't think the live demo really added much to it, a simple "before it was X seconds, after it was X seconds" would've been fine I think. Nevertheless, it was interesting, thanks!

I'd agree with James, that the live demo didn't really add much. Personally I'd have liked to see a bit if discussion on /why/ something was slow in mysql and what properties of a nosql makes a nosql database able to do the same query much faster. That would make it easier to relate you examples back to problems we may be having and be able to decide if nosql is an appropriate solution.

There were some interesting tidbits in Gabi's talk, and she clearly knows and is passionate about her topic. This was highlighted a number of times throughout the talk.

I think in the future, the live displays could either be avoided or polished in order to make the flow of the presentation better.

Interesting talk, but I feel that the demos with the waiting time would if you absolutely wanted to have it have done better as a recording. The recording could have been skipped so we didn't just sit there waiting for not much output. Other than that very nice! Well done <3

Also for future: Never rely on wifi for a conference demo, it worked out this time but it's too risky.

Raised some interesting points for consideration

Anonymous at 16:10 on 23 Feb 2015

I good talk with good content. I think your nerves let you down a bit as you kept looking at the slides behind you and not at your audience, this affected your ear piece which I think added to your nerves even more. That and a live demo which sadly didn't work out.

I think the best thing to take away from this was that we shouldn't always just use the tools we have and we need to think outside the box too. Not only does it give you the chance to use some kick ass new technology, you might also have the opportunity to massively optimise your app.

Some interesting suggestion. However Gabriela ran some live queries to show how they could be sped up. I trust her so I'd rather just have the numbers.