Debugging: past, present and future


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Liam Wiltshire at 15:29 on 20 Feb 2015

Very entertaining and informative, interesting to see where debugging is going!

Derick delivered another interesting talk.

Very good, with informative practical information.

Excellent content and delivery. Quality demos are always appreciated. Not enough maps.

Derick is a really fun speaker, good content. For me personally, I think there was too much focus on past & present and not enough on future, but I think in general it was quite balanced :)

Anonymous at 16:53 on 20 Feb 2015

Very entertaining, full of tricks, excellent talk

very interesting, good talker

Very nice talk, good and informative.

Great talk, but was expecting more rants about phpdbg :P

Really informative talk, lots of new tricks to learn. Thanks! :D

Fun but it lost me a little bit by the end. Perhaps I just didn't have enough experience with debugging to be able to keep up...

Obviously an experienced speaker, the talk was well delivered. However the subject went over my head.
I use xdebug, but didn't gain any practical knowledge I could apply to my day to day work.

I found this talk hard to follow, I had to relay on the TV room was too full to see the presentation.

Derick is always an entertaining speaker so delivery was as expected.

The content of the talk was good informative, often reinforcing the use of xdebug! (not a bad thing)

The live action and the trace analyser demos were appreciated and will be looked into.

Good talk

Anonymous at 22:26 on 21 Feb 2015

Fun and informative. Branch coverage sounds like it will be really useful once it arrives.

Not sure about the amount of time spent on VLD - it's a clever tool, but I'm not sure how relevant it is to an audience like this (I can't think of a situation where I'd be tempted to turn to it, maybe others are different)

I would have loved to have seen a VIM-Xdebug demo (otherwise 5 stars!).

Useful talk, great presenter.

Interesting, but way over my head for most of it I'm afraid! Sounded more useful for those doing low-level debugging rather than basic application debugging.

Anonymous at 12:45 on 23 Feb 2015

Always make a point of seeing Derick's talk as they're entertaining and informative; this was no exception!

Great overview - would have liked more 'new present' and future.