Devops for PHP Developers


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Great talk on Continous Delivery and forming teams not silos.

A very knowledgeable speaker and a very interesting topic. Just felt a bit rushed at times with stumbles due to reading slides and trying to talk too fast.

Anonymous at 12:44 on 19 Feb 2015

Content was really good. Gave me loads to work on.

Rooms were packed so was in overflow room. Would possibly help if key points on slides were high up as screen was low so could see for people's heads.

Good talk, gives me plenty of ideas on how to improve deployment

Interesting discussion of Devops ideas.

I can only agree with everything you said in the talk, excellent talk, very inspiring.
Hopefully many companies will continue embracing these principles!

Brilliant talk, struck a chord with me!

Great talk and speaker. It was obvious that he was nervous, so really appreciate the effort and courage to give the talk.
Next time, use some more real live examples to explain the concepts. Thinking about how to implement this ideas in your work environment is easier if you have some good examples to think about instead of theory.
Good work anyway

A great talk that took us through the core concepts of DevOps and how they're (ab)used today. Jeremy seemed a little nervous in the first 5 mins but once he got going his knowledge and passion for the subject showed through.

A good talk, but was hoping to have some more detail about specific tools.

Great talk with some very useful information. The speaker was notably nervous and delivery suffered slightly.

This talk delivered what it promised, it taught me that I am not yet a DevOps, whereas previously I might have said I was. I come away educated and inspired to do more.

Anonymous at 11:28 on 20 Feb 2015

Great talk. Introduced me to devops vs ops and the problems faced with communication.

Great talk. Good ideas! Thanks.

Anonymous at 13:37 on 20 Feb 2015

Interesting ideas, I've been to several of your talks and you always seem nervous, not sure why as you're a good speaker!

Anonymous at 13:59 on 20 Feb 2015

Great talk but I still dont know if devops is for hipsters :-)

Really liked this one. Was a bit worried at the beginning as, yes, the speaker seemed nervous and the whole thing threatened to be weirdly over-thorough at one point, with a definition of "workplace culture" provided in case you needed to know what the devops movement intends to change... but it picked up steam fast and by the end was a truly invaluable rundown of many of the tool, ideas and processes that constitute devops.

very interesting talk - conceptual rather than technical (which I prefer).

I loved it! I think it's great to see that, in software, not always finding the right tool solves your problem. At the end of the day, is about people working together.

I am really glad I attend your talk. Congratulations!

Great talk, enjoyed the slides about agile and devops issues.

There have been a few mentions of the delivery, I think it was quite good, definitely not worth losing a thumbs up for!!

Great talk, Jeremy seemed a little nervous but still delivered the subject matter really well. I got the impression that the talk had been squeezed into too short a time slot as it came across as a little rushed. would definitely attend one of Jeremy's talks again.

Great talk and Jeremy was happy for me to ask further questions afterwards, many thanks!

Interesting to see an opinion into Devops thats from other other side to my own and some ideas I will take away with me.

Anonymous at 16:03 on 23 Feb 2015

I really enjoyed the talk, it was well presented and had lots of good points. Just avoid looking at your own slides too much, the only criticism.

Thanks all for the feedback and constructive criticism. I need to work on the nerves and my aim for the next talk is to get that right.