Hexagonal Architecture in DDD


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Liam Wiltshire at 12:22 on 20 Feb 2015

Great talk, good level of detail, covered a number of ideas quite new to me!

Anonymous at 13:57 on 20 Feb 2015

Good balance of code and diagrams, scenarios and explainatiins well thought through and misconception explained. Well delivered.

Brilliant visualisation of the concepts, really helped my understanding.

A very good talk with good illustrations/visualizations.

As a side note; I thought the ads on the slides were distracting and took attention away from the content.

Anonymous at 19:24 on 20 Feb 2015

Good talk.

The talker wasn't so brilliant and the topic had some lack in technology, maybe good for a very entry level, hope next time will be better.

These "deep" topics are hard to cover in a 1 hour talk but I found it useful and interesting, though still unsure about how to go about implementing without further learning. Enjoyed a few laughs, always good. Had several lightbulb moments so definitely worthwhile.

Nice, gentle introduction to DDD and Hexagonal architecture. Particular like the dynamic approach to such topics as value objects (exchanging a £10 for example). My only criticism really was the diagrams (the inner hexagon ones). They were quite confusing whilst their intention should be to aid understanding.

Probably my favourite talk of the conference. The speaker was very engaging, and presented the concepts very clearly.

I understand this talk may have been frustrating if you already have knowledge of DDD, but in credit to the speaker he stated this at the beginning to give people an opportunity to change track.

Speaker not so engaging,
very basic talk.

Anonymous at 23:34 on 22 Feb 2015

Good introductory talk on DDD, but it is such a big topic maybe worthy of its own conference?
Good delivery too

Really good talk. Speaker engaging people into a confortable environment. Helping to understand key concepts of the talk in a very clear way like the different of a value object and an entity.

Crystal clear explanations about all the related concepts.

Thank you everybody for all the feedback, I really appreciate it and I am so pleased that so many people have enjoyed and been able to take something from the talk

The "adverts" were there for a little bit of levity between the chapters, however if instead of providing that they instead provided a distraction to the content, then they have failed in their purpose and I may look at removing them should I deliver this talk again. Thanks for the tip

The diagrams were put together quite late, and I didn't have the time to make them look as nice as I should have. I intend on making sure they are a bit clearer should I deliver this talk again

@Andrew and @Alex
I tried as best I could to aim the talk at the maximum possible audience, which meant tailoring it to a beginner/intermediate level. I perhaps could have made this clearer in the abstract and/or title.
I'm sorry if you feel the presentation wasted your time due to this

Once again, thank you all for coming and watching my presentation

A Eureka talk for me.

Although I had actually sub consciously started to make these sort of architectural decisions, it was good to back up those choices with an actual "yes, this is why we do that".

Although 5 stars, I also think the diagrams could be tidied up a bit.

Well delivered; well explained. Great job.