Naming things


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Some very good development tips on being consistent and ensuring your code remains clear.

Really useful tips and suggestions on something that seems all to easily overlooked.

Funny, interesting, and some good practical advice at the end.

Naming talks are always tricky, and this one was good.

Refreshingly difference subject for a PHP conference. Anne-Julia could have gone perhaps a little deeper into the psycho-linguistic effects of naming.

Anonymous at 17:44 on 20 Feb 2015

Nice talk. Are the slides available somewhere?

When mentioning unicode, use pile-of-poo. Well done :-)

Good presentation on how to the name things *correctly* in the right context.

I uploaded the slides to this talk to speakerdeck:

This was in my opinion the most entertaining talk of the conference, points well articulated, often humorously, with good opportunities for audience participation. Although Anne-Julia was actually advocated against doing so, it has inspired me to investigate using unicode in PHP, so I can use animal emoticons as variable names on not-so-serious projects.

It's often said that naming is one of the two hardest problems in computing (along with cache invalidation and off-by-one errors) - but Anne-Julia delivered. Some very sensible advice that we all know is right but really needs saying, as well as some great ideas for resolving our own concerns about naming.

A nice idea for a talk, covering something that is important to everyone, and delivered well

Funny and effective talk, especially regarding language. This should be required attendance for so many coders!

I was hesitant to go to this talk as I wasn't sure I'd come away with anything useful. I was wrong. Well delivered and good content. I'l be sure to put more effort into my naming conventions going forward.

Anonymous at 14:02 on 23 Feb 2015

One of the best talks, things which seem obvious when you think of them but I have definitely been guilty of doing some of the things I shouldn't! I really liked how thinking about the language helps you think about the meaning and structure of your code.

The content was alright and was entertaining at the same time. Such talks could easily be very opinionated, but you seem to have found the middle ground. A bit more depth and apt reasoning wouldn't go amiss.