My Debugging And Performance Toolbox


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Why this guy spoke twice?
Maybe only because was from main sponsor,
the topic on the paper was interesting but the guy has to improve his talk skills, and avoid screen presentation problem also was helped by people to find a mistake he did in Jmeter.

I like practical presentations like this. The demo was really interesting, and more explicit in showing how other people debug, test and profile, than a plain presentation. Good work!

Anonymous at 21:41 on 20 Feb 2015

The material in the talk was fairly interesting and having an actual demo was great, but, there were a few snags/hiccups and I think these need ironing out a bit.

One of the best speakers. I'm pretty sure that lot of people who were in the room didn't have used (or even knew) all stuff you talked about.

Anonymous at 01:01 on 21 Feb 2015

good talk

solid presentation with a good demo

Clearly one of the best speakers in the event.

I personally would have preferred a deeper Jmeter explanation/demo but I am biased here since it is the tool I am less familiar with. Pretty sure every attendant got something out of this talk.

Very solid talk, like the logging one, congratulations!

Good talk, I'll be trying out some of the tools demonstrated.

I'm expecting next time a better presentation,
with no problem to see the code from the back of the room and
please buy the licence of the software next time.

Hi All - Thanks for the great feedback! To address some of the points:

Andrew - Yes this slot was made available to Sainsburys as part of the platinum sponsor tier. However the previous talk I gave on logging was accepted via the call for papers.

Alex and others mentioning difficulty seeing the demo on screen - While the code samples and debugger had a zoom facility which I used, JMETER did not. However, I've since learned you can use a OSX accessibility tool to zoom into parts of the screen. Based on your feedback I'll be using this next time!

Regarding licensing, you are of course correct, I should have purchased a Sublime licence. I'm sorry the licence prompt appeared once during the demo. I'll make sure I have a license next time around.

Finally the two comments regarding a hiccup in one of my demo's, I agree this is a little distracting, it's hard to choreograph a 30 min live demo. I have videos of all the demo's I do 'just in case'. My rule is, if it doesn't work after 30 seconds switch to video. I was about to switch to a backup video before someone pointed out a missing semicolon!

This talk was by far the most enjoyable one I've given at a conference, as it feels like giving a personal coaching session to many people at one. The live demo is essential to this and your feedback will really help me tighten this up for future iterations.

I learnt a LOT about how I can automate my testing. My only concern is that with almost no slides and currently no video to refer back to I'll forget most of what I saw. Some of the comments above IMO are overly critical, the talk was detailed and Ben did well to get over what he did (given the complexity involved).

Thanks Ben!

A lot of the content was sourced from the interesting reads section of the README file.

Hope this is useful, if not please get in touch and I'll send some more content your way.



Anonymous at 10:14 on 23 Feb 2015

Hands on, practical and informing.

Felt like the speaker tried to go over too much in a single talk.

It would have been nice to split this into two talks, one aimed at debugging and one at testing.

It was interesting, but very much a skim over the topics rather than an in-depth tutorial.

Great talk from a great presenter. Really liked the few slides and giving most of the time over to the practical demonstrations. Only criticism was that teeny-tiny font in a couple of places.