The Power of Modern Version Control


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Anonymous at 14:34 on 20 Feb 2015

I felt it was a little too basic, for this day and age. Almost all PHP developers are using git/github.

However, well delivered.

Overcame technical issues with easy.

Good talk.

Would be nice to see some of the others dvcs' shown. Mercurial rocks!

It was all very basic info, only clever thing I've seen was bisect. You could concentrate more on proper workflows e.g. Gitflow, good ways for code review and so on.

I agree with others that I would have liked to see a little more "power", however this was an engaging and reasonably useful talk.

It was useful for people who is not really confident with git at the moment. Basic for people with experience. Great speaker!

Thanks very much for the feedback! There are great suggestions here.

I'm not a power git user so I found this talk really interesting and useful thanks! The github side I felt was bearly talked about, maybe change the talk title or include more github into the talk.

well presented but quite thin on detail - could have done with some more "real life experiences"

I'm giving this talk top marks because it was exactly as the abstract described.

Covered a little history of cvs, origins of git, open source development workflow with github... and some handy more advanced git commands.

I'm not quite sure what others were expecting. If you need more than what was explained in this talk then you are probably spending more time managing your repo than developing!

From the majority of comments, If all talks had a difficulty rating it could help people selecting talks and prevent them being disappointed when they feel it was too basic for them.

Good talk

Thanks for the kind words!

Arrived late (as left another talk as wasn't enjoying) - wish I had got there earlier.

As I was late, was in the 2nd room and half the screen of the demo was missing (hence 3 not 4 stars) [well, half the left hand, which was the important bit!]

Good presenter, and some really useful tools (especially the debug bit). Thanks.

A bit basic but bisect and some of the advice on when and when not to rebase is always useful to remind people of.

Well delivered.


As someone who has never used Github before and always wanted to, this was an excellent practical introduction. May have been a little basic for others though. Presentation style was very friendly and honest, and it was clear and easy to understand.

I particularly liked the encouragement to contributing to open source projects (rather than just doing a local hack) so that everyone benefits.

As a non-Git user it felt to me that for those who were, this was too simplistic while for those of us who aren't it didn't make a lot of sense...