Why Your Test Suite Sucks


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Brilliant talk bringing together problems people have implementing TDD and domain bounderries.

Liam Wiltshire at 16:55 on 20 Feb 2015

Made some really good points - plenty of food for thought there.

Brilliant talk.

So much to take away and do.

Anonymous at 16:57 on 20 Feb 2015

Brilliant and motivational talk by Ciaran.

Excellent talk about domain separation, and not testing 3rd party code:

Well paced and a lot of great tips.

Great talk definitely a few lightbulb moments for me. The only improvement I can suggest is perhaps using one tool for examples e.g. phpunit or phpspec not both. Was a little tricky switching between the two as I'm not familiar with phpspec.

Ciaran homed in on a carefully selected few areas that are often misunderstood. Each was clearly explained with examples and I'm sure many people could relate to these scenarios. I had several "oh yeah" moments.

A very well executed talk with great content.

Anonymous at 17:48 on 20 Feb 2015

Very good talk, Ciaran you've said it all!

I think this was the most important talk of the whole conference. Covered some of the serious sticking points that those attempting to break into testing will encounter. I for one will be replaying the slides to hone my testing abilities.

Very nicely paced with some well judged examples of misconceived tests that made sense to this TDD novice. I did end up a bit confused about what the correct way to do an integration test might be, but probably that's the subject matter for a completely different talk...

interesting talk, very good pitfall examples with great solutions presented. Even sold me on the whole "write tests first" concept (which may be subjective to persons unique though process as the man behind TDD has acknowledged lately) because it showed it from perspective I understood (I.e.: designing application via writing in test code). Well done!

This really helped my understanding of the appropriate levels and types of testing to use and why. Loved it.

Talk of the conference for me. Filled in all the gaps I had with TDD. When people have questions about TDD in my workplace I shall be directing them to this talk. The pace was perfect and the delivery clear and concise (despite the throat issues)

Great talk, will be looking over these slides again.

Great talk, Ciaran provided some real lightbulb moments for me. I'll definitely be grabbing the slides and keeping them close to hand for future reference - excellent work!

Anonymous at 22:20 on 21 Feb 2015

Agree with the comment above about switching between PHPUnit and PHPSpec being confusing.

But a thought-inspiring talk that I'll probably revisit once the video goes up.

On top of being a strong talk, Ciaran was probably one of the better speakers on the line up.
The delivery of the topic was great and well paced, even despite a poorly voice,

This talk certainly highlighted a few flaws in our own test stack, and served as a good reminder to address these!

Like a couple of commenters have mentioned, I'm not sure why there was a seemingly random bounce between Unit and Spec?
Perhaps Ciaran was looking to avoid accusations of bias?

Best talk of the conference. Well presented, excellent content, and a few "Eureka moments".

I think switching between 'spec and 'unit might have been confusing for some, so maybe stick with one or the other, or psudeo code in the future?

Well delivered, hope the throat gets better soon!

My biggest value takeaway(s) from the conference came from this talk and revolved around how to test integrations with third party services, and how further abstraction can make your code more testable.

The talk was well paced and delivered in understandable terms.

I know it is hard on the main track but I would've enjoyed a little more 'live demoing' - maybe taking a real life example and writing the specs/solution to that with audience participation. Maybe something that would be suited to a smaller room, though!

Anonymous at 12:39 on 23 Feb 2015

One of the best talks of the conference for me. Good pace, well delivered and very thought provoking. More speakers like Ciaran next year please. I didn't think my tests sucked beforehand; now I do!

Anonymous at 16:26 on 23 Feb 2015

Great talks with some really good examples on real life challenges. Well presented too.