A tour of BDD best practices, applied in the PHP world. Behaviour Driven Development techniques help us to ensure that the code we're writing is solving real-world problems, and is software that matters. In this hands-on workshop we will build some simple software that fulfils a user's requirement; validate its functionality using tools such as Behat, PHPUnit and PhpSpec; and learn how our test architecture can support our application's architecture.
Level: All


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David Carr at 07:59 on 15 Feb 2018

This was a really good workshop, really engaging full of great information and group interactions. More hands on work and more focus on writing the test I would have found useful with having little knowledge on the subject.


Fantastic workshop with a good balance of theory and practice. A whole range of very clear takeaways. Delivered at a pace suitable for the experience in the room. Certainly inspired me to look into this with more depth and practice.

Jeremy Onion at 21:23 on 16 Feb 2018

Great training session form someone that is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about TDD & BDD

Anonymous at 08:30 on 21 Feb 2018

One of the best, if not the best workshop of the conference and for BDD!

The examples were clear, the roadmap was easy to follow, the group tasks were challenging and the methods were surprisingly effective. I do look at the programming tasks from a totally different angle now.

I've learned a lot from this workshop and would definitely recommend it to EVERY programmer.

Thank you Ciaran!