In a continuous integration and continuous delivery context, it is hard to reliably deploy code to an environment. When code commits also imply changes to your stack, it gets even more tricky. In this presentation I'll show you how to build vendor-agnostic cloud images using Packer and how to provision the necessary software dependencies using Ansible, including your PHP code. Once the image is in place, we'll use Terraform to deploy these images and create loadbalanced computing instances on various cloud environments in a single configuration format.
Level: Beginner


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Nice talk with cool slides. I didn't find it beginner level because I never used most of the tools before :)

Mike Lehan at 16:49 on 15 Feb 2018

Told us everything we need to provision and deploy infrastructure, as well as some more advanced Terraform concepts. Slightly more on Ansible would have been nice but that wasn't the focus so fair not to include too much on it - likely worth its own talk!

Neil Nand at 15:06 on 18 Feb 2018

Good speaker and presentation but the talk was way over my head, I think this required a lot more DevOps knowledge than I had to understand the talk so I can't comment on the content.