The new Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) in PHP 7 means the way our PHP code is being executed has changed. Understanding this new fundamental compilation step is key to understanding how our code is being run. To demonstrate, James will show how a basic compiler works and how introducing an AST simplifies this process. We’ll look into how these magical time-warp techniques* can also be used in your code to introspect, analyse and modify code in a way that was never possible before. After seeing this talk, you'll have a great insight as to the wonders of an AST, and how it can be applied to both compilers and userland code.
(*actual magic or time-warp not guaranteed)
Level: Intermediate


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Interesting look at internals; it stayed a bit academic until the very end with some practical applications day-to-day and I’d have liked to see more ‘cool stuff I can do’

Craig Duncan at 12:48 on 15 Feb 2018

Very interesting and enlightening talk.

Knowing a little about the various parts of the PHP compilation it was great to have an explanation of how it all works together.

The breakdown of how a compilation stack works was particularly clear and easy to grasp

I enjoyed this talk and liked speaker's humor :)

Kat Zien at 00:07 on 16 Feb 2018

I found this talk interesting and informative. It was nice to refresh the knowledge of how the PHP compilation works, what the AST is and how it all works together. It was explained in a clear and concise way with a bit of humour - thank you James! It was nice to see the practical examples at the end which tied it all together. Good pace throughout the talk.