Did you know your IoC container can do a whole lot more than just constructor injection? It's packed with features. In this talk you will learn to leverage the container to write loosely coupled code. Well designed code put together by your container will make your apps decoupled from the framework!
Level: Beginner


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Liam Wiltshire at 11:13 on 16 Feb 2018

A detailed talk, we'll delivered! Perhaps ran a touch short, but not really anything else you'd want to add! Good that it looked at different specific implementations.

Matt Dawkins at 11:22 on 16 Feb 2018

I guess I'm a relative beginner with IoC, so the learning curve here was pretty huge, and I found most of it too hard to grasp. For me, it lacked the "so-what factor" - it wasn't clear to me why what you were talking about was necessarily better than any other approach. Maybe some more practical demonstrations would have helped, visually demonstrating the problem you were trying to solve. Clearly a lot of knowledge in your head, but I'm afraid I'm mostly still none the wiser myself!

David Yell at 11:26 on 16 Feb 2018

Having not used an injection container ever, I didn't really understand this talk, or follow it's examples very well. I think I need a more beginner focused talk.

Hannes gave a very insightful talk on design patterns and architecture. The coding examples made the points very clear, and the patterns discussed will help me immediately make improvements to my coding. Ran short, but the content covered was excellent and gave a good direction without excess fillers. Great talk that I'd recommend for any intermediate to advanced level developer (not a beginner talk).

Chris Sherry at 18:46 on 17 Feb 2018

I think this was mistakenly labelled as a beginners talk, and I nearly chose another talk because of it. I'm glad I didn't.

As someone who is using IoC but just getting beyond the point where I need to know more about how it works and how to tackle more than the basic problems it solves, this was perfect for me.

I particularly loved that it wasn't specific to one framework or library. Having jumped between Symfony, Laravel, Pimple and the League's version for different projects over the last 4 years, I had gotten a little lost and this talk helped me understand that they were in fact all doing the same thing but sometimes just with different syntax.

Talks about IoC often have goldilocks syndrome - There are varying levels of experience with IoC and I can see it would be easy to get lost as a beginner here or find it all too simple if you are well versed so it's hard to pitch the right level with this kind of talk. For me it was just right.

Neil Nand at 17:40 on 18 Feb 2018

This was a really good talk which expanded my basic knowledge of IoCs a lot.