I'm a gamer, and some of my favourite articles to read about computer games are those click-bait posts that read "Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing Pac-Man!". When you're playing computer games, it's easy to miss things that are obvious to others, and these posts can help you to understand a simple game mechanic that you'd otherwise have not used. It got me thinking about the things in my own career that I found out about too late, or didn't fully understand until much later than I needed it. We'll cover both the technical and the conversational, so join me, as I introduce you to Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing "Developer".


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Craig Duncan at 17:43 on 15 Feb 2018

Thought provoking talk with some interesting tips to chew on

Mike Lehan at 17:46 on 15 Feb 2018

Lots of good advice; new developers should heed all of it and everyone else most of it. Good analogies and screenshots, well linked to the "gaming" topic. Minor thing (I mean really) but you moved side to side a lot on stage and from further back that made it kind of hard to watch you!

Liam Wiltshire at 17:47 on 15 Feb 2018

I didn't know how Gary could top their keynote from last year.... and yet it happened! Really great message well delivered.

Adam Scholey at 22:05 on 15 Feb 2018

Great stuff from Gary as always - engaging delivery and sound advice! :)

David Yell at 09:29 on 16 Feb 2018

Some super tips! Great advice talk

Gary gave great advice, kept the audience engaged, and was easy to relate to. Great keynote with an important message to remember.

James Titcumb at 16:22 on 16 Feb 2018

Awesome great advice. Love Gary's style!

Jeremy Onion at 21:32 on 16 Feb 2018

Fun and interesting talk.

Chris Sherry at 18:38 on 17 Feb 2018

Gary's messages were simple, but importantly he backed them up with great insight and personal experience to give context to why they are important. I really enjoyed the analogy too, though naturally a couple of them were a little forced in. I found his keynote last year hit me hard at a personal level and it's almost unfair to compare this one to it. I hope the PHP community gets to continue hearing his wisdom for a long time!

Neil Nand at 15:14 on 18 Feb 2018

Fun an interesting talk with a really good points about empathy and being a good people person to be a great developer.

Very entertaining keynote

Thijs Feryn at 13:56 on 22 Feb 2018

I love Gary, I love his talks, I love his mild gaming addiction and his love for Liverpool Football Club.

Gary is a true keynote speaker, although he'll be too modest and tell you he's not. I love his down to earth conversational style.

Great stories, but the inspiration I got from it is even better.

This presentation inspired me in a very specific way and made me decide to take my own speaking game to the next level.

Ed Crompton at 11:27 on 27 Feb 2018

Great and inspiring suggestions for further reading - Thanks!