In late 2016, Jenkins finally made it to version 2.0 which brought a huge number of improvements. In this talk, we'll go from an empty machine to a Jenkins install that automatically detects repos, branches and pull requests and builds them according to the Jenkinsfile in each branch. We'll be running tests, linting and packaging applications in parallel where possible, and even auto-deploying our application once our pipeline passes!
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Liam Wiltshire at 16:47 on 15 Feb 2018

Wow. Never get bored of Michael's live demos! A brilliant talk, very informative.

Mike Lehan at 16:53 on 15 Feb 2018

Already knew some of the content but the configuration of Jenkins in code was new to me. A brave choice to do a live demo but it went pretty much flawlessly so can't really give less than 5 thumbs up! The new Jenkins UI looks great - might have been nice to see the whole presentation using it, but understand that adds extra practice requirements.

I have a soft spot for talks that do a lot of live coding. Like mentioned in the talk description, Michael literally started out with nothing, spun up a couple of servers and ended with a complete CI and CD solution. Along the way everything was nicely explained. Very impressive!

Luis Ferro at 09:21 on 16 Feb 2018

Specially liked the groovy intro. Slidedeck antwhere?

David Yell at 09:28 on 16 Feb 2018

Brilliant demo, brave to do a demo. But quick with the snippets but understandable

All hail king of the live demos! Michael did excellent working through his live demo, and it was good to see him solve problems that came up, making the demo have a real-world feel to it. Well done.

Really good introduction to Jenkins pipelines and special kudos for the courage of doing this all as a live demo.

Jeremy Onion at 21:31 on 16 Feb 2018

Nerves of steel to do the whole talk as a live demo, would have like more explanation of the groovy scripts but allas time did not allow this.

Neil Nand at 15:08 on 18 Feb 2018

Really great talk that opened my eyes to just how easy and quick setting up automatic builds actually is. I've been putting it off for a while as I thought it'd need a lot of time to set up.

Ed Crompton at 11:26 on 27 Feb 2018

Akin to watching a live performance from a piano virtuoso, this talk took a live demo that would have had most speakers quaking in their boots and delivered it with confidence and flair. I've not used Jenkins since it required extensive configuration through a horrible UI, but now can't wait to try out the latest and greatest version.

xenzero at 22:20 on 27 Feb 2018

Live demo was very impressive (and brave!) but in terms of learning, it wasn't the best approach for me.