Kubernetes is a very powerful container orchestration platform that is quickly gaining traction and gives you lots of benefits in deploying, running and scaling your microservice web application. But it has also a steep learning curve. In this workshop you will deploy and scale your first application which consists of multiple Micro-Services to Kubernetes and learn how you can use Persistent Storage. If you want to not just watch, but also program along yourself, have Git, Docker and the Kubernetes CLI kubectl as well as a IDE or Text Editor of your choice installed on your system.


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Mike Lehan at 15:32 on 21 Feb 2019

Clear presentation and good examples. Clearly a lot to show in a small time which may be a limitation of the 2 hour format; felt some more information about how you might go about bringing the tools into production would have been handy but it's very fair to say with a new format this was a very well done workshop.

Steve Hill at 18:42 on 21 Feb 2019

This tutorial was absolutely excellent. I'd dabbled with Kubernetes previously, but I'd never really understood how to put all of the concepts together (we all know the documentation is rather encyclopaedic).

Now I've got a lot of new ideas that I need to put into production...

Mr Peter Chiu at 18:45 on 21 Feb 2019

Great presentation with good progression and explanation of terms and concepts. I have some experience of Kubernetes and this reinforced and built upon my existing knowledge,

Amazing workshop!