Comic book continuity and Git rebase


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Tess Barnes at 15:26 on 19 Feb 2016

And breathe! This was an energetic and entertaining talk with excellent metaphors. I really appreciated the clear overview.

Katy Ereira at 18:33 on 19 Feb 2016

Started off really promising - good innovative idea to explain git workflow using comics. However, in the end, it lacked depth. It was essentially just an explanation git rebase and I feel like you could have covered a lot more about git workflows in general and there different situations that might warrant using different methods, as you mentioned, YMMV - it's not one size fits all. So rather disappointed in the content. Nicely delivered though - Gav is very charismatic and clearly an entertainer at heart.

Tony Porter at 22:59 on 19 Feb 2016

The comic-book metaphor was maybe a little stretched (as you acknowledged) but it was very entertaining.

That said I am not sure that the talk fully met its purpose. I understand that you were not trying to explain git-flow to the audience, but rather explain to them a way that they might explain it to colleagues, etc, but I don't know how easily reproduceable the information would be for someone to actually do that.

This was a good talk though and your speaking style was excellent. As one of the other commenters already wrote you have a lot of energy, some of the other speakers could definitely learn a thing or two from watching you!

Gary Fuller at 12:52 on 22 Feb 2016

I'd expected to learn a bit more about how to use Git itself (I'm a newbie) but, despite not getting exactly what I expected, what I got was a really engaging and interesting take on Git workflow from a talented speaker. Gavin's use of comic book analogies was second to none. Really pleased I attended this talk.

Jo Carter at 16:53 on 22 Feb 2016

Really enthusiastic speaker, lots of energy. Content was a bit basic for myself, however, it was beautifully presented and well explained.

Tom James at 20:46 on 24 Feb 2016

I enjoyed this talk mainly for the delivery, a bit of comedy thrown in from time to time and the content was well explained.