HHVM and MongoDB — the perfect combination


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James Dunmore at 13:52 on 19 Feb 2016

Interesting to hear how it's all put together, and really well presented and delivered. Only 3 out of 5 because at the end of it, there wasn't much "useful or practical" information for the average developer (that you couldn't gleam from google), but it was still an interesting topic and good insight.

Well presented and solid content, Derick knows his stuff inside out. But for a php developer that was a lot about under the hood stuff, and not much of things to apply in everyday job.
The library/extension distinction got really confusing towards the end though

Not two techs I use often, but really interesting to see how they are going about building the libraries and everything that goes on 'under the hood' that you wouldn't get to see often.

Bobby DeVeaux at 18:46 on 19 Feb 2016

Very interesting topic, and well delivered. Thanks! :):)

Gary Hockin at 15:55 on 20 Feb 2016

I enjoyed the talk, but I'm not sure what I was supposed to take away from the talk (and I'm not convinced that Derick is either:D)