Large-scale websites performance optimisation tricks


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Struggled to hear the speaker in the second room - perhaps down to capacity issues. Was a very dry talk (understandably), and while there was plenty of information it really didn't grab my attention in the way I'd hope.

Matt Dawkins at 14:35 on 18 Feb 2016

Very theoretical with very little practical take-away. Lovely to hear about your successes, but it wasn't clear how we could benefit from your learnings.

Filip Golonka at 19:19 on 18 Feb 2016

Too theoretical, lack of optimization examples in PHP code.

Very interesting presentation, especially from an architecture point of view.

Obviously a very clever developer with a big success story, but I felt it was a little too granular in detail and I didn't get what I desired from the talk. Really impressed that you can talk publicly in a second language!

Tony Porter at 21:06 on 19 Feb 2016

This on the whole was a good talk but if there was one easy change you could do to improve it it would be this: Cut out most of the description of what the booking system has to do. Most people in the room will have booked flights before and most people in the room can probably grasp pretty quickly what the typical problems would be and the types of add-on sale that exist

If you can trim the intro then I think it would give you a lot more time to focus on the really interesting technical implementation details. Some people have said the talk was too theoretical but I do not agree with them, I think it is good at a conference to have some talks that give code examples and some talks to give bigger picture architectural views, your talk was definitely architectural and had some interesting points.

Steve Winter at 11:00 on 20 Feb 2016

An interesting overview of a very complex system. I would have liked a quicker intro, and more technical detail about the optimisations you made in the code implementation as well as in the infrastructure.

Love you 204 'trick' as a way for a backend service to return a response to the front end...!

I greatly admire your ability to present to such a large audience in a 'second' language :-)

Disappointing that it seemed a high level just "use SOA/Microservices - avoid monolothic" then things such as priming caches, optimising "time to view", inlining CSS/JS, database tweaks etc which I was expecting/hoping for. Few good points though - brining up the 204 trick seemed to be good for the audience, but could have also brought up the 201 Accepted/Retry-After trick and other status codes.

very interesting

Tom Cameron at 09:54 on 22 Feb 2016

Extremely theoretical talk, I feel that the section on the project architecture could have been shortened to make more time for discussion of the technical aspects of performance. Came away with some good discussion points, but could have been better if it was slightly faster paced.

Jo Carter at 16:24 on 22 Feb 2016

Some useful take-aways, including the 204-trick. But felt like a lot of the beginning could have been condensed - I think a lot of us came for tips and tricks rather than a full description of the case study. Still, it didn't lack for useful information.

Fantastic to see a real world example of how the techniques can be implemented but for me it could have done with a bit more of technical detail, although I understand that this would have made it more project specific. The main takeaway for me was the 204 trick, very useful.

All in all very well presented, especially in a second language.