Magento Done Right


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Chris Levy at 15:14 on 18 Feb 2016

I would have loved a little more detail on the processes that were adopted, in particular how the "theme stub" is generated and used. There would be time for a little more detail since the talk was done in 30 mins.

Good info looking forward to Magento 2, makes me want to rip out my installs and start again

Anonymous at 23:32 on 18 Feb 2016

Great talk, but wish it would have filled the full hour.

Way too short and missing in-depth details/examples. Good ideas generally, hardly anything trully innovative - a good application/combination of known concepts nevertheless.

Plenty of nice little 'take-aways' and tools to check out - would have been nice if it was a little longer, but still makes me want to start using Magento 2 for all our production sites now!!

Beata Burczyk at 20:52 on 19 Feb 2016

Thank you for reminder about Magento :) I'm sure if you could include more examples and comparisons between Magento 1 and 2 will be more helpful.