Step Into Debugging


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Tess Barnes at 12:23 on 19 Feb 2016

Excellent articulate talk rich with live demos. This was a very basic talk but that was clear from the outset and even after several years of using step debugging techniques I still learned about new tricks.

Matt Dawkins at 12:26 on 19 Feb 2016

Brilliant. Lighthearted and humorous, which made it more accessible for newcomers. Started off easy and introduced more advanced concepts as it went through, which was great. Live demos were useful to see how it all works in practice. Well done!

First talk of the conference to have me interested enough to a) not look at my phone and b) participate with questions. Great humorous delivery and very smooth demo. Top job

Katy Ereira at 13:15 on 19 Feb 2016

Really good information; although I've used step debugging with PHPStorm before, it definitely brought up some best practices and tricks that I hadn't previously known about. Really well presented too - funny and fairly interactive with live demos and questions. Thank you!

David Yell at 13:27 on 19 Feb 2016

Simple to follow and fun talk delivered in a nice relaxed way from a confident speaker. Good use of humour kept the talk going. I'll be trying to let go of var_dump for sure, maybe

David Carr at 14:36 on 19 Feb 2016

Great talk, loved the humour and subject matter I'll be trying out stepped debugging and php Storm I'm a long time sublime text user!

Anonymous at 14:40 on 19 Feb 2016

Great overview of step-debugging and good live demo. In my experience, there is no need to do the export XDEBUG_CONFIG stuff when debugging at the command line - I think I have set something in my PHP.ini which has overridden the need for that. I have no problems when running other CLI scripts and on the occasions when PHPStorm has tried to debug stuff that I'm not interested in, turning off the listener in PHPStorm has resolved the issue.
I'd also like to add that I'm a Windows user and a) setting up XDebug is really easy and b) I'm pretty sure that PHP's maximum execution time is *not* a problem when step-debugging.

Great talk with fantastic demo.

Filip Golonka at 17:44 on 19 Feb 2016

Simple talk, but with real examples, which made this speech really attractive!

Dan Abrey at 15:08 on 20 Feb 2016

This was a GREAT talk. Having no previous experience of Xdebug (or PHPStorm for that matter), I've already started a new project with debugging enabled through PHPStorm in a Vagrant box, which is like an epiphany for development speed and sanity. Gary was funny and entertaining, and had the knack of being totally knowledgeable and articulate without appearing aloof or inaccessible to step-debugging beginners.

Gary is a wonderful speaker. I'm already a big user of PHPStorm but I wasn't using Xdebug to it's full potential, I will be from now on.

Tom Cameron at 09:51 on 22 Feb 2016

I didn't realise how basic this talk would be, but even though there was nothing new to me - this was one of the most engaging talks that I attended at the conference. Really great presentation, totally smooth with some humour thrown in.

Gary Fuller at 12:43 on 22 Feb 2016

Gary managed to both sell me on using Xdebug and persuade me to try out PHPStorm. A really useful talk that was both interesting and humorous. Another potential sale in the bag.

Jo Carter at 16:39 on 22 Feb 2016

Engaging and articulate talk.

Great. Funny and useful. What's not to like? (I am now evaluating PHPStorm).

Jack Segal at 10:07 on 25 Feb 2016

Great speaker with some good demos. Would have been nice to see the watch feature.