Deployment within a Traditional IT Environment


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Was a very informative talk and well presented. The experience and knowledge passed on was very helpful.

Jon Bowes at 13:11 on 28 Oct 2016

Overall, really enjoyed it.
I would have emphasized less the "What this talk isn't" part, at the beginning.
Simply because my first thought upon hearing that was "Well this probably won't apply to me then".
As it turns out, that couldn't have been further from the truth. The process still remains relevant, regardless of your environment.

Also, would have perhaps been nice to have had some examples of how you have convinced "Traditional IT People", that they need to change their ways and move to a more automated structure. (Assuming you have ever managed that feat! :-) )

Found your style really easy to listen to and just the right amount of info in the slides.


It was a clear and detailed talk on the topic, which provoked interesting discussions.

It was mentioned that a lot of the concepts of the talk applied to both traditional and "standard" IT environments and I'd have to agree. Although comparisons and contrasts were made between the different environments throughout the talk, it was when we got to the "Case Studies" in the slides that I thought this is actually getting into the details of traditional IT environments.

This leads to my criticism being I believe the talk could have been mistaken for a "standard" deployment talk at different times, if that is a criticism? Maybe a way to counter this is to adopt a more traditional vs "standard" IT environments approach in the slides so it is clear where the similarities and differences lie.

Aside from that I took away useful information along with what I already knew being reaffirmed so thanks!

Adam Alyan at 17:11 on 28 Oct 2016

A very good and informative talk overall. A refresher as well as some new tools on deployment in general.
I would have wanted to more details about the solutions reached with IT departments in more details. For example, the box that had access to both the outside world as well as the protected environment, and why did the IT department went for the solution!