Meetup #25 all about caching

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Meeting Introduction
Event Related by Jachim Coudenys (15 minutes)


Talk by Matthias Mullie (45 minutes)

An obvious solution to getting a faster & more scalable website is to introduce caching.When should you use them? Why is cache invalidation one of the hard things in computer science?Let’s discuss key-value stores (like Memcached & Redis): how to use them in your application, the problems they solve & the ones they bring.

Varnish In Action
Talk by Thijs Feryn (45 minutes)

Having trouble scaling your website? Is that new marketing campaign killing your performance? Are you using a framework or a CMS that causes too much overhead? Give Varnish a try. Varnish is a reverse proxy that serves cached pages to your visitors instead of hitting the backend servers all the time. Cache is stored in RAM and there's a domain specific language that allows you to hook into your caching logic. If you respect the rules and use the tools, Varnish will make your site bullet proof!