How to Migrate Anything with DDD


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Nice idea to use ddd. Good presentation, slides were good documented and live demo was awesome!

A Nice and clean overview of the possibility's of a baleen

Anonymous at 20:54 on 3 Dec 2015

Really liked what i saw.

Good talk about migrating with baleen!

Good talk, nothing really to add...

Wow, thanks guys for the comments, and I'm very glad you liked it!

Great talk. Nice balance between slides and demo. Slides were well documented and clear. Always great to see a live demo succeeding.
Some of the light background colors in the slides made the text harder to read.

I liked the intro about your early life, migrating around the world yourself. Which perfectly blended into the subject of the talk.

The talk was nicely build up. The opening story fit the goal very nicely.

The idea is very well presented and a working demo supports that.

I would have loved more code, but that could ofcourse spark a discussion during the talk that would wreck it.