Taking care of backups with Laravel


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Nice system,

Good speed in the presentation.

A few notes:
- Free !== Open Source, There is a lot of Free software that is proprietary
- The open source work and the packages spatie put on packagist felt a bit like a marketing break
- Zip is not only easy to implement in php it also avoids some permission issues and cross platform issues due to its 'stupidity' :)

I would reorder the talk. The opensource software item didn't fit in the talk. If you want to do some marketing, you should do it after the introduction about yourself, not in the middle. Would love to focus a little but more at the content of the track then the opensource debate. Relevant information about the history and the why about the package could be more explained in detail: for example: how did you "fix" your server, what stept did you take, how much time did you need to get on track again...

Good talk, Freek, however, I would also try to cut back on the whole 'Open Source = Free ' spin in the talk, now it seems this just functions as a filler for the rest of the talk.

I would purely focus on the main theme of the talk : Taking Backups with Laravel