Integrating multiple API endpoints into a single application can be challenging. In this talk I will go over a lot of problems and how the can be solved. Going from easy authentication to locally caching calls via middlewares and using webhooks (or callbacks) for notification, this talk covers it all (or at least tries to).


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We are on the verge of replacing a SOAP client with a REST client. This talk was thus particularly useful. The idea of having a set of chained middle wares, each performing a dedicated task during request and response handling, makes a lot of sense and it can help developers to focus more on the application itself.

The talk was stuffed with great solutions, not going in to much detail.

Dennis D at 21:00 on 13 Jun 2018

Hele interessante talk, zeker het deel over de middlewares - kan direct worden toegepast in een project waar we nu mee bezig zijn.

Vraag: zou het mogelijk zijn om de voorbeeldcode ergens online te zetten? Zonder de base64 encoded wachtwoorden ;-) Thanks!