By becoming a remote developer you can broaden your horizons, work on something more interesting to you. You as company, by going remote can find better developers, ppl more interested in what you are doing.

But remote is hard. I will speak from my past experience and show you how I'we solved some of the issues. I'we been a remote developer (part of a team, not freelancer/contractor) for almost 2 years now and I'm loving it but the road was bumpy. Missing office gossip and relevant information, working from home or office, less direct contact with fellow team mates, not able to grab a lunch or drinks together team spirit is something that needs to be nurtured in other ways.


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Loving the concept of sharing your experiences with remote work, without sugarcoating. Impromptu AMA panel is also a good idea and works well with smaller, laid back audience.

Phil at 23:37 on 14 Apr 2018

Fantastic talk, one that I didn't expect to get as engaged with as much I did. The idea of renting a remotes office is new to me and blows my mind. Thanks for taking the time to proper such a thorough presentation.

Scott Dutton at 08:46 on 15 Apr 2018

Great talk, some really useful bits about communication which can also help inside an office environment.

The Q&A panel at the end was a nice touch too

Shaun Walker at 14:05 on 15 Apr 2018

Really enjoyed Miro as a speaker, good delivery and a good element of humour in the right places. Think it covered all the bases well. The pacing was good.

The panel worked quite well for this topic and given it was a last minute addition. I think its something that Miro should try to incorporate into future talks as this is a topic that could use many voices in the Q&A format. But I appreciate that would likely be quite difficult logistically, coordinating relevant experience from the conference attendees etc.

Really nice talk, good delivery and humour.
He provided a good set of practices to cope with being remote.

Really enjoyed this talk, mainly because i have thought about being a remote developer and Miro pointed out some useful insight since hes been doing it for a long time. Very useful tips and tricks to keeping sane.

The panel at the end was also very good, it turned out to be quite a balanced divided of people for and against remote working which made it very interesting.