Soft skills are getting more and more important on the workfloor. Developers however forget to practice these a lot and often do not even know how to practice these. With this workshop we will go over some exercises and drills each of us can do to improve our soft skills. Not only theoretically but also in practice. Active participation required!

No laptop will be needed and there will be no development. Instead, we're going to focus on soft skills that matter most to developers. Teamwork, communication exercises and problem-solving quizzes will be the main focus. We hope to help stimulate developers to focus on the soft skills more and more and become better at what they do in their zone, programming.


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Tom de Bruin at 17:09 on 17 Apr 2018

I think “soft skills” are extremely under-rated among developers yet are the most important things when working as a team. The session was great, got me out of my comfort zone, and taught me some good ways to challenge myself to become a better communicator. I would have liked some practice on having difficult conversations within the session but I spoke to Kenneth about this afterwards. Enjoyable and recommended.

I was quite interested in finding out exactly what a workshop on soft skills would entail and from that perspective; my curiosity was sated.

This was a fun workshop which I feel that the only downside was a lack of attendees. This meant that many of the exercises took a fairly short period of time to complete and saw us moving onto some exercises which were more individually focused. While these exercises are no doubt valuable in their own way, I think greater benefit is derived from the group tasks as one of the hardest things for developers to do is to work effectively as a team; especially when it comes to communication. Perhaps a way to resolve this in future if the attendee count is low, would be to repeat some of the exercises later on, perhaps with slightly different parameters to see if attendees improve their performance the second time around.