In our volatile and uncertain political times, developers can play a crucial role in protecting the safety and privacy of those who use the things we build. Whether you enjoy the support of an employer or work on your own as a freelancer, an informed regard for data protection must become a part of your development workflow.

This talk will provide a practical toolkit which draws on current and upcoming data protection regulation (including GDPR), development frameworks, and recognised best practices in protecting personal data to inspire attendees to integrate a healthy approach to privacy into everything they do.

Those who attend the talk will learn how to:

Think proactively about developing for privacy and user protection;
Adopt protective workflows and business practices;
Understand that privacy and user protection are everyone's responsibility;
Feel empowered to challenge things which may put people at risk.


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Luis Ferro at 11:48 on 14 Apr 2018

Great talk, debunking some of the myths if GDPR and data protection.

Absolutely excellent talk - I thought I knew a fair bit about GDPR but Heather's depth of knowledge really shone through. She also gave a great perspective of who should be worrying about what when moving towards compliance

Scott Dutton at 12:17 on 14 Apr 2018

Very interesting talk on privacy

Pete Samways at 16:53 on 14 Apr 2018

Thought provoking stuff. A big point for me was the need to make a cultural shift within organisations to address this topic

Richard Lane at 20:04 on 14 Apr 2018

Always enjoy your talks - good balance between being reassuring, encouraging and putting the fear of god into us all. If I could make one suggestion: you give lots of examples of bad practice (they are so many!) but it would be good to see examples of people doing it right: in another talk someone mentioned the psychology studies finding that people are more likely to improve by being told "x% of people do it well" rather than "y% of people get this wrong", even when y >> x. Show us what good looks like!

Phil at 23:35 on 14 Apr 2018

Fantastic talk with a no BS approach to GDPR law. Thanks.

Kat Zien at 00:22 on 15 Apr 2018

Great talk from an excellent and well-prepared speaker. Heather kept it interesting with lots of useful examples given and a few funny remarks, and clearly explained what GDPR is all about.

Lee Boynton at 10:23 on 15 Apr 2018

I enjoyed this talk as Heather was clearly passionate about this subject and made it more interesting to me. The biggest challenge will probably be getting organisations to train everyone on the subject and change the culture rather than allocating one or two people to "make sure we comply". Lots of good information that I'll try to take back to my work!

Great coverage of a very confusing topic.

I've sat through several presentations recently about the GDPR, but this was the first one aimed explicitly at developers, and was easily the most interesting and engaging of all I have seen.

Great talk on privacy by design. Given me a lot to think regarding GDPR

Great talk.

I'm going to be reviewing the video in depth later on to ensure that PHP Yorkshire itself is up to scratch with handling users data.