We’re all familiar with things like HTTP codes and content types, but there’s so much more we can do when developing an API to make life easier for consumers. How many times have you used an API only to find out that every endpoint is slightly different - some use snake_case, others camelCase, sometimes the field is called id, sometimes it’s user_id. How about pagination? Error responses? What about API documentation?

Trying to standardise on all these things can kill an engineering team. There are so many options out there it’s difficult to know where to start. Come along and learn what works for our team! We’ll cover contentious topics (should the version be in the URL or a header?), lesser-known standards that are great (RFC 7807 springs to mind) and a couple of things that aren’t an issue right up until they’re a really big issue (like pagination).


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Pete Samways at 15:59 on 13 Apr 2019

A good talk on an increasingly relevant area for many developers.

Good over view and some useful take a ways. Delivery felt a bit flat and I think page 103 with inconsitency for start_date and end-date with the end date written with an equal sign after the year.

Mike Lehan at 16:52 on 13 Apr 2019

Clear info well presented. Not the most exciting topic but still an important one as most developers can now expect to find themselves consuming or producing APIs (if not both) and there isn't always the widest knowledge of best practice in this area. If you didn't learn something here you've got an unbelievably good API!

Mark Taylor at 12:10 on 14 Apr 2019

This is the second time I've enjoyed this talk. One thing I'd mention is be clear about people not interrupting you in the middle of your talk as it threw your timing a little I think (and it was rude of the person). I'd suggest just starting with something like "I've got a lot of information to get through and I'd appreciate saving any questions for the end".

What I'd expect from this talk! Delivered in an energetic and clear way. The problem details is definitely something I will take with me home from this conference. Thank you! :)

Gavin Taylor at 17:32 on 14 Apr 2019

a great talk for someone looking to implement a new api, covering all the main areas you need to know. having built a fair few apis it was nice to hear another company are doing things in the same way :)

I liked the talk. It gave me a few things to consider. At times the talk did feel scripted. Try to relax a bit more when speaking, you know your subject well. (although I am sure it is a stressful thing to do, giving a talk).

I was surprised about some of the suggestions and the way you had implemented the api (for example the debug id, only to mention on the next slide that you had used extensions for other things, Is breaking an RFC a wise idea?)