Long story short: an application is born, an application grows, an application becomes unmaintainable.

Often the functionalities added to the application are independent-enough but they end up anyway in the main code base increasing the code size, complexity and coupling.

A common strategy to raise application maintainability and extensibility is to have external plugins/bundles/modules keeping the application core as smallest as possible.

In this session you will see challenges and solutions when building plugin-based application architectures. By allowing “plugins” you will get third party extensions, independent release cycles, less dependencies and many other advantages.


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Chris Emerson at 16:44 on 14 Apr 2019

I think this was a good talk about creatig modular architectures with a lot of good advice, such as hooking in to the DI container to provide registration and configuration for plugins, and event managers for coordination of plugins. I'd have like to have seen a bit more in the way of ways to manage such a huge number of events that must be used in such a system, and how to prevent so many plugins wanting to modify the same content or react to the same event treading on each other so much.

Shaun Walker at 09:45 on 15 Apr 2019

i've always personally struggled to wrap my head around plugin architecture.

I think this was a great introduction to how plugin architecture is/can be setup to be able to achieve what it achieves. But it does leave me with the same questions I struggle with of how to shift from traditional monolith application building to plugin based for a particular feature, without introducing too much mess for simple things (like rendering a table that plugins can add more info to etc).

For being an introduction to the concept, it was really good.

As an improvement, it would be really great to see more example use-cases but dont know if this can fit into a talk like this or if thats another talk entirely on a specific look into a particular pattern in plugin architecture.

I enjoyed it.

John Hughes at 11:16 on 15 Apr 2019

Good to hear something relevant to WordPress. Perhaps skimmed over the technical details a little too much - the code examples were sometimes difficult to follow.

I felt that this was a little too... abstract, maybe? Maybe my expectations were too high? We covered _what a plugin is_ and how it interacts with your system VERY thoroughly, I didn't really get enough of a feel for _how_ to do it well, and pros and cons of different approaches.

Asmir Mustafic (Speaker) at 20:40 on 16 Apr 2019

A huge thank you to all the people who have decided to invest some of their time to leave a feedback!
Really appreciated!

From the suggestions is clear to me that the talk should be more focused on use cases and less abstract.
Will do do my best to improve it!
Thanks again!