Welcome to PHP Yorkshire 2019.


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Got all the information we needed, kept it short and sweet. Thanks! :)

Gavin Taylor at 17:34 on 14 Apr 2019

a few talks during the day were interrupted by people shouting questions/comments, it might be worth adding a note in the opening address that unless the speakers says says its ok, people should keep questions till the end, or at least raise their hand instead of just talking

Short and sweet as Michelle mentioned. Another year in the can Chris.

John Hughes at 11:05 on 15 Apr 2019

Short and to the point. Good to hear about the code of conduct right at the start of the conference.

I wasnt sure if by mentioning that "we didn't break the wifi" last year you were setting a challenge or not. It was nice to hear mention of just because we can develop in certain way, it's not always entirely neccessary. All in all, this opened the day up clearly with all the relevant information.