So you think you know PHP? But do you really?

We all compare and test data on nearly every other line in our code, be it input validation, an if-statement, a switch or determining what to display and how. So of course we are all experts on how to do these tests and comparisons…. Or are we?

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and join in the fun for the Big “Why equal doesn’t equal” Quiz, test your knowledge and learn about defensive programming and the quirks of a loose type programming language along the way.


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Never before have I seen so many developers sat in a room petrified of speaking up! Great session that proves that everyone has something else to learn. I'm going home to cry...

Adam Duffield at 15:20 on 13 Apr 2019

Executed brilliantly, was a lot of fun, everyone was reminded how much they really know in PHP. Went a tad fast for me, but other than that lessons were learned!

Pete Samways at 15:57 on 13 Apr 2019

Interesting, albeit terrifying at the same time.

Sometimes it's good to be reminded what you don't know.

Mousey at 15:59 on 13 Apr 2019

Easily the most brutal PHP test i've ever done, all kinds of weird and wonderful to catch you off guard.
Really fun and fast paced, don't miss this one

Mike Lehan at 16:49 on 13 Apr 2019

Entertaining and educational, presented with a fun attitude and a focus on avoiding what are clearly easy pitfalls for even experienced developers. If you didn't make it, check the slides and PHP cheatsheet website to boost your own learning!

Matt Brunt at 18:03 on 13 Apr 2019

This was fantastic fun! The questions were real head scratchers and showed some fun and interesting quirks in PHP! Loved it!

Scott Dutton at 08:28 on 14 Apr 2019

Thanks for the new interview test!

The quiz was really entertaining and made me question my knowledge so much. Delivered really well.

Mark Taylor at 12:08 on 14 Apr 2019

I enjoyed this quiz, and it's pointed out some gaps in my knowledge of PHP's interesting quirks. It was certainly a good choice for after lunch to get peoples' brains working again.

Thanks! I think this was a really brilliant way of showing developers that we really do need to be more careful! :)

Chris Emerson at 16:40 on 14 Apr 2019

This was an excellent session, a great way to remind people that being very explicit with code is important, as ambiguity and relying on type juggling can lead to some very unexpected consequences at times! It was great that so many people in the room were unconfortable trying to answer questions that we all should know really. There were some questions I got right for the wrong reasons, some I got wrong and really should have known better!

Gavin Taylor at 17:45 on 14 Apr 2019

this was a really good addition to the schedule, one of my favourite sessions of the day, a roller-coaster of anticipation, confidence, panic as we marked our answers.

/me digs out his old php exam notes :s

A very illuminating quiz. I only got 7 which I was disappointed with. That is until I spoke with people that I consider by far more experienced than myself.

A neat idea for a talk, it gives a clear message while being engaging and having a bit of a laugh as well.

John Hughes at 11:14 on 15 Apr 2019

Absolutely horrible. I loved it. Scored 4/20 and learned a lot.

I honestly thought I'd get 10+ correct. I got 5. Admittedly a couple were silly mistakes, but there were quite a few mind-benders in here. Also, WHO USES OCTAL IN PHP? ?

Fantastic. I scored incredibly low but learnt so much from this quiz. It really highlighted the idiosyncrasies of PHP and made me more aware of type juggling etc.

A great talk to counter any would be PHP know it all in a fun and engaging way. Delivered with a great energy and sure to leave you scratching your head at times. Whilst it may be obvious to some that you should not write code in some of the ways presented, it is important we understand why we shouldn't and not just that we shouldn't.