PHP has its own treasure chest of classic mistakes that surprises even the most seasoned expert : code that dies just by changing its namespace, strpos() that fails to find strings or arrays that changes without touching them. Do that get on your nerves too? Let’s make a list of them, so we can always teach them to the new guys, spot them during code reviews and kick them out of our code once and for all. Come on, you’re not frightening us?


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I found some of the examples rather obscure but there was a lot of interesting and valuable content. I suggest you limit the questions that you put to the audience for this talk. It is good to build rapport but most of us aren't brave enough to respond when the obvious answer is likely to be wrong.

Clearly there was a lot of information to compress into the time allowed for this talk but what we did get to see was useful. I think developers of all levels would be able to take something from this talk. It's always good to be reminded that you don't know as much as you think you know.

Adam Duffield at 15:41 on 13 Apr 2019

I felt like it was focused more at older generation of devs with talks of php 4/5. Clearly a wise guy, knows his stuff but it was so damn fast to keep up with. Sometimes by the time I'd read and understood the question it had been answered and we were on the next question. Felt like I could have got more from it, definitely a reminder that theres more too learn.

Scott Dutton at 08:39 on 14 Apr 2019

This is the talk I wish I heard years ago. Knowing quite a few of these pit falls has meant days spent looking in to bugs. It's easy to overlook these as they all look like they do the correct thing.

Great examples and we'll delivered

Gavin Taylor at 18:49 on 14 Apr 2019

Ive fallen foul of a few of the examples in the past and a few others I'll hopefully not trip over in the future now, glad I went.

only feedback is for the organisers, I think it would have been better to have this talk scheduled after the quiz, would have followed on perfectly, having it scheduled before gave away some of the answers

Mousey at 23:00 on 14 Apr 2019

Great talk, loads of really useful information and a few examples I've not seen in the wild, will certainly save me a few hours of head scratching in the future.

Could've really done with slowing down a touch though, I was trying to keep up taking notes and missed more than I caught

John Hughes at 11:08 on 15 Apr 2019

Valuable information, certainly good for experienced PHP developers, but might have been a little fast paced for newcomers.

The title suggested that this was aimed more at beginners than it actually was. A group of really experienced PHP users spent a lot of time scratching their heads. The pace was maybe a little too fast, but otherwise fantastic

Some really handy tidbits of information delivered here, very useful for a beginner like myself to start considering performance and peek behind the curtain of how PHP actually works.

A good reminder of some of the pitfalls you may fall down in PHP. Some interesting points were raised and some obscure behaviour revealed. A good reminder to be vigilant with how you write your code. Whilst I agree that this was quite fast moving at times; I think Damien's delivery was captivating and well delivered. This was also good talk to have alongside the big why equal doesn't equal quiz.

Ivana Matic at 15:05 on 26 May 2019

Interesting and interactive way of talk, it keeps attention. Very useful content.