Websockets provides a way to have a persistent 2-way connection between your server and your client’s browser. This allows for more efficient communication than traditional front end mechanisms such as XHR or long polling, and allows for better web native applications as a result. Starting out with websockets in the browser has its complications, especially regarding how they can hook into your existing application.

The tutorial will cover the basics of websockets, and then move on to PHP workers and the React event library for PHP. Using these we can implement PHP clients as part of a websocket application, allowing your existing stack to communicate with a websocket server and your users in the browser. The tutorial requires no existing familiarity with websockets or event-based frameworks, though basic knowledge of JavaScript and a reasonable knowledge of OOP PHP and PHP via CLI are recommended.

Whilst the application will be generic there will be time to see how components could interact with your businesses existing projects, so you can deploy real time applications to benefit your users with minimal overhead.



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Stuart McGill at 20:14 on 13 Apr 2019

Mike did a really good job of getting across the key points of Websockets in a single day. He'd clearly put a _lot_ of effort into this workshop - in deciding how to cover the topic, preparing very detailed training materials, and even localising them to Yorkshire. It was a brave decision to cover so much in one day and it paid off. Certainly it's made me want to come back to Websockets on my next hack day.

Also good to have a personable speaker with a nice sense of humour, who took the trouble to read his audience and change pace accordingly (even coming up with an innovative solution to help out a short-sighted participant).

Enjoyed the tutorial day. I have previously seen React PHP but had not seen a lot of the other tools used so this has helped bridge a few gaps.

greg at 08:51 on 18 Apr 2019

Nice presentation, lecture was well delivered and the speaker was open to helping everyone out during the tutorial. I'm very glad i attended as it has given me a brilliant idea on how to tackle the next project which would be using the concept of Websocket.