I’m sure many PHP developers are aware that the Drupal content management framework has undergone a huge rewrite over the last few years, along with many of the non-code aspects of working in Drupal.

I’d like to take a look at a few of the things that might help a new person just coming in to using Drupal that will allow them to know the basics of how things actually work, how to best go about finding out how to do things when they are stuck and what are the general community structures, characters and expectations that will help them deliver a good result.


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Simon R Jones at 15:17 on 8 Apr 2017

Nice overview of Drupal 8 concepts but the community stuff was the highlight for me. Good to hear the different ways to get involved and how the community are trying to deal with issues.

Emanuela Serra at 04:25 on 9 Apr 2017

A lot of passion and strongly oriented to send the message that we are Human and that importance of build relationships and share information to evolve as a good developer but without forget that we are all people .
How the drupal community works and the importance of diversity to build strong teams.

Elliot Ward at 09:22 on 9 Apr 2017

A good introduction to the changes in structure and philosophy with Drupal 8. It was great to see a window being opened on the community by someone so active within it, and the speaker did an excellent appraisal of some of the current challenges facing the community at this time. The slides were and delivery were both clear and relaxed.

I think this talk would benefit from more consideration over its structure - in places it came across as a slightly disjointed series of points but I don't think addressing this would take much work.