These days almost all developers use Git on a daily basis. Many of us learnt a few relevant commands by rote, but a deep understanding of what it is actually doing seems to be a rarity. Git’s man pages frequently lie about what is really going on, and the majority of third-party documentation is similarly misleading.

This isn’t a "how to" talk on Git. I won’t give you a list of commands to learn. There won’t be any advice on merging vs. rebasing, or on continuous integration. The goal of this talk is to give a clear, factual insight into what the various Git commands actually do, and what is actually being stored in the commit graph. Afterwards, you may be able to make sense of a Git problem more easily, but I’ll be focusing on understanding the tool, not on the best way to use it.


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Ciaran McNulty at 12:13 on 8 Apr 2017

Great first talk. Well structured and cleanly delivered with a few jokes. I leaned a lot!

Chad at 14:08 on 8 Apr 2017

Awesome! Funny, informative and really well delivered!

David Carr at 14:12 on 8 Apr 2017

Superb talk, very interesting and kept on point the humour kept it from getting too heavy.

Definitely some really appreciated insights into the workings. I felt it was more of walk through of commands than I was expecting but I will also admit I don't have any advice on how to mitigate that.

Emanuela Serra at 04:35 on 9 Apr 2017

Hard subject with a great speaker !
Improvable Probably using some git screenshots and giving a little general overview could be helpful to involve all level of odience !!!
Thank you

Daniel Shaw at 15:06 on 9 Apr 2017

Sam spoke clearly, explained concepts well, and delivered the talk well with a great sense of humour. You wouldn't believe that this was Sam's first conference talk!