Opening remarks, plan for the day, and a few words from our lovely sponsors


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Gregory at 11:42 on 8 Apr 2017

On the long side.

Simon R Jones at 11:49 on 8 Apr 2017

Great intro, code of conduct stuff was nicely dealt with. Excited for the rest of the day!

Mark Railton at 12:22 on 8 Apr 2017

Great intro and set the tone for the conference.

Elliot Ward at 08:58 on 9 Apr 2017

Set the tone for the day really well

John Hughes at 09:06 on 10 Apr 2017

Might have been a little long, but introduced the day well, explained everything clearly, and (I think) made everyone feel welcome. Good to hear about the code of conduct up front.

Shaun Walker at 10:15 on 10 Apr 2017

Was a little bit long but thats kind of a given with the welcome, housekeeping etc. But the passionate, heartfelt message from Lorna really helped set the tone of what this new PHPYorkshire event was all about and it was great.

Interesting about the code of conduct. An enjoyable start to the day, helpful introduction to the talks, the event, and ground rules.

Rich Sage at 08:39 on 21 Apr 2017

Great intro, thanks Lorna. Loved the diversity and inclusivity message throughout; it's what community is all about.