Business decisions depend on data and often that data is derived from the current database as a result of user interaction. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to visualize how often certain methods are called? How long a page takes to load? or how long an API call to a third party takes to complete? By using StatsD we can derive metrics from application flow and plot graphs to gain more insight.When visualizing this data, we can get a 'feel' on how our users use the application, and how it behaves. Dennis takes you through the concepts of StatsD, why it's a powerful tool, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to best store this data.


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Richard Tuin at 07:12 on 31 Mar 2017

With great enthusiasm Dennis talked about how to collect data about your software and graph it to information. I liked the structure of the presentation: 1) technical introduction 2) demo 3) best practices and pitfalls during and after the demo.
Dennis really knows what he's talking about and is very inspiring!