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Cool cool, always nice to see new languages. The text was a bit hard to read in the back of the room but that was partly my fault for not sitting more in the front where there was still plenty of room.

Also I wanted to rate 4 stars, and there's no way of editting a rating. So here you go ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Nic Wortel at 10:51 on 15 Aug 2023

I feel like I haven't really grasped the unique selling point of Unison language from the talk. It was cool to see a live demo, but I could have used a better explanation of what I was seeing. Perhaps the point of the talk would be more clear for the audience if you'd play a recorded version of the demo, so you could explain what we are looking at and how it makes Unison stand out as a programming language.