I love to get better as a developer and when I get rewarded for that even better! In this session we'll have a look at ten tools that make our lives as developers easier and along the way allow us to become better as a developer. Services like Github or Bitbucket allow us to communicate with one another about code while Scrutinizer, Code-Climate or Insight can give us valuable informations on how to improve our coding skills and easily bring our code to a better level. Suddenly tedious tasks like writing unittests, reducing cyclomatic complexity and adding documentation can become entertaining and rewarding. All this because we all strive to get high marks, 100% or a green button. So let's see what the benefits of the different tools are and how we can integrate them into our build-chain.


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Great presentation about ways to make improving your code more fun and less statisticy. I think that almost everyone can find a tool in this presentation that he/she finds useful but has never heard of before.

I would recommend the tool exacat(https://www.exakat.io/) as another static analysis tool. You can run it locally and has some nice features.

Very nice talk. It got me thinking if there would be other possibilities to apply gamification besides the code itself. But thus far nothing really pops into mind.. Setting goals for yourself and reflecting is most of the time also a boring process :)
So if you have any thought about this, it might be an interesting addition to the talk.

Only point of improvement I could think of is including some zoomed-in screenshots, so it's easier to read along while you are talking about a specific slide.

I quite liked the talk. It had a bit of a slow start in my experience, but then it gave me a lot of new information. I've got some new tools to try out and a brand new way of thinking about code metrics and motivation. Thanks for the talk!