Measuring Maintainability; Software metrics explained


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This presentation was a nice introduction to the metrics that can be used to measure software complexity. Well presented, and with quality slides.
While the topic is very theoretical, the metrics were explained using examples, which I found helpful. This talk motivated me to look at these numbers a little more often!

I liked this approach to metrics, not just explaining what metrics are available and what tools you can use to get them, but also explaining what the metrics actually mean and what they indicate (or NOT indicate). Presented in a very clear way. Thanks!

Nice how you explained the metrics in simple terms and what (not) to do with them. Good talk!

It was nice to get everything explained to you the way Dennis did it with the graphs. It makes you realise there's more to code than just code. Dennis knew how to break down the complexity of the subject into something understandable.

But even then I sometimes had a hard time to grok the graphs presented while listening to what Dennis had to say, perhaps take (even) more time explaining the graph. Also a nice overview at the end could help to sum up what you talked about and useful one-line definitions can help us remember what a certain metric was for.

The content of the presentation style was well thought out and presented some new ideas for, especially using graphs to show how cyclomatic complexity and N-path complexity are calculated were very helpful.

As for presentation style I think you can improve it by trying to use the stop word "uhm" less. At the start of the presentation it diverted my attention a bit from the topic at hand.