For me personally, receiving feedback has been one of the hardest things to do in my professional career. As a product of that, giving someone else feedback has been complex as well, as I could only imagine what the other party would experience when hearing me tell them what I thought.

In our role as software engineers -or actually: as people- we communicate. Whether we’re discussing our weekends, or we’re peer reviewing our colleagues code. Whether we’re writing documentation (we all do, right?), or we’re in our sprint retrospective. Whether it’s verbally when we talk to others, or when we’re not using words by responding to a question that annoys us with a deep sigh before answering.

Even when explicitly not interacting with someone, that is a form of communication. It sends out a very clear message of something being the matter between the two of you.
In this workshop, I will be helping you explore the concept of feedback and how you can use it to make the environment in which you work and live more effective, and most importantly, more fun to be in. We’ll get some handles on “how to do feedback”, and we will have plenty of time experimenting with giving feedback to others and receiving feedback from them as well.


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Jeroen de Jong at 23:13 on 12 Dec 2017

I’ve seen some talks from you in the past and I must say you improved a lot in your presenting skills. You can see you are passionate about giving feedback. I really liked your talk, or you might better call it a mini-workshop. I enjoyed the interaction with the public and the discussions that sparked from it during and after the talk. And the flip-over with post-its instead of a projector is excellent! Great job!